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Keeping You Safe During Covid 19

At Advanced Dental Care, we take the safety of our patients and staff seriously. New infection control procedures—beyond our standard strict sterilization techniques—feature mandatory patient screening before entering the office to ensure normal body temperature, disinfecting mouth rinse, and applying hand sanitizer upon arrival. In addition, we use suctioning with disposable applicators for each patient during treatment. Careful appointment scheduling keeps patient interaction to a minimum while adhering to 6-foot social distancing. Our dental office is a 24-hour dental clinic Brooklyn and taking These steps and more to protect you and us during your visit.

Dental Emergencies Our Brooklyn Dentists Can Help You With

Brooklyn Cosmetic DentistryOur dentists can help you during a dental emergency Brooklyn. Here’s a list of the most severe ones, but you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us even if your problem is not on the list. We are at your service 24/7 and we are happy to get you out of trouble with all dental emergencies, including the following:


A toothache is usually caused by a cavity or by an infection. It can also be caused by an inflamed nerve ending. If your toothache is very bad, all you can do is rinse your mouth with some mouthwash, floss gently to remove all food debris that may be stuck between your teeth and call our emergency service. Don’t apply any painkiller locally, because it can be dangerous for your gums.

Chipped Teeth

If you can retrieve the chipped piece, do it. Rinse it well with water. Rinse your mouth as well. If you bleed, apply a gauge for a few minutes or until the bleeding stops. This is an emergency situation, so you should call experienced emergency dentists Brooklyn immediately.

Objects Stuck Between Your Teeth

All you can do is to try removing the object by flossing. If you don’t succeed, don’t be persistent. Never use sharp objects such as scissors, needles or tweezers, because you may hurt your gums. This is a dental emergency, so call an emergency dentist Brooklyn right away.

Knocked-Out Tooth

This is probably one of the most serious dental emergencies. If you get to a dentist’s office with your tooth within one hour, it is possible to have it reattached. Don’t scrub the tooth and don’t try to push it back into its socket. Just rinse it with warm water and call the urgent care dentist Brooklyn immediately.

Partially Dislodged Tooth

This situation is less severe than the previously described one, but it still needs an emergency procedure. If you have pains, apply some cold compresses outside your mouth and take a light painkiller. Don’t try to move your tooth, because you risk pulling it off completely.

Dental Abscess

Abscesses are infections that attack the root of the tooth, it needs emergency dental care in Brooklyn. They represent a very big hazard for your health, as there’s a high risk of the infection spreading into your body. Besides, they are extremely painful, so you won’t be able to endure that for too long before calling a dental emergency service. Actually, an abscess can be detected before it becomes an emergency. Contact a dentist in case you notice an unusual swelling on your gum, especially if it looks like a pimple.

Lost or Loose Filling

If it hurts you, you can fill it with some chewing gum before reaching a dentist’s office. It is an emergency, so don’t ignore it.

Lost or Broken Crown

If you can find the crown, take it and rinse it with some water. You can try to put it back in its place, but you need to make sure it stays, because there’s a risk you swallow it in a moment of distraction. You can use a denture adhesive to make it stick, but you shouldn’t wait too long before seeing a Brooklyn emergency dentist. We are happy to help you get your crown fixed again, so you can contact us for an appointment with one of our dentists.

Soft Tissue Injuries

If you hurt your cheeks, tongue, gums or lips, it is possible that you bleed quite a lot. Try to stop your bleeding with a moistened compress. If it doesn’t stop, you need to contact our 24-hour dentist Brooklyn.

Broken Braces or Wires

If you wear braces, you need to be very careful with what foods you eat and how hard you bite. However, accidents can happen. If you notice your braces or the wires that hold them together broke, you can try to reposition the end into a more comfortable position until you get an emergency dental Brooklyn. If the wire pokes your cheeks, cover its end with a cotton ball and contact a dental emergency service immediately.

Experienced Emergency Dentists in Brooklyn, NY

Our Brooklyn dentists have many years of experience with all types of dental emergencies such as emergency tooth extraction Brooklyn, so don’t hesitate to contact us for any problem you may have.

We are available to Kings County residents from all of Brooklyn’s many areas and neighborhoods, including:

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brownsville, Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Bushwick, Sunset Park, Crown Heights, Williamsburg, East New York, Bensonhurst, Dyker Heights, Bay Ridge, Carroll Gardens, Borough Park, Kensington, Midwood, Flatbush, Canarsie, Sea Gate, Ditmas Park, Windsor Terrace, Park Slope, Greenpoint, Gravesend, Homecrest, Marine Park, Gerritsen Beach, Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, DUMBO, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill and Red Hook.

Hear What Patients Are Saying About Us!

Customer Testimonials

  • It was truly a pleasure visiting their office. I was nervous about my visit to the dentist because of my overwhelming fear of the pain I had associated with dental procedures.  The experience was exactly as described to me, with no pain. During the procedure, they explained what was being done & prepared me for the next steps, ensuring that my comfort level was maintained.
    Ariel L. Customer
  • I just got home! I'm so happy that my concerns were listened to & addressed. The staff & dentists showed care & concern. He is patient & precise. I actually enjoyed my visit to the dentist this time. I will definitely refer my friends & family to them.
    Alice C. Awesome Customer
  • Their staff is very friendly and professional. I was very satisfied with my visit. They were helpful and I left feeling encouraged. The office was very easy to locate. I didn’t have any trouble finding it at all. I will absolutely return. I had an amazing experience, and they were by far the best I’ve ever seen. They made the extra effort to make sure every question and concern I had was addressed.
    Christina A. Customer
  • Best dentist service! They are very professional, gentle and caring with their patients. I would recommend this dental office to anyone. Their respond to emergency situations is fast and effective. Overall I had a really good experience.
    Anna Reyes Customer
  • The staff is really friendly and the doctor was very professional. He gave me all my alternatives and made me feel at ease. I normally am afraid to deal with the dentist because of past incidents, but this doctor was great. I also brought my daughter to him. I would recommend anyone to come in it’s worth it.
    Nieves S. Great Customer

Call For Access To An Emergency Dentist In Brooklyn

Dental emergencies happen… everything from toothaches to chipped teeth. Dr. Amirian and his team are equipped and prepared to assist with any dental emergency that might come your way. You can contact us as soon as possible when you need to see a Brooklyn emergency dentist. Our office offers flexible payment plans and convenient hours to help you get through the emergency situation as easily as possible. You can return to your normal activities with a healthy, beautiful smile.

We assure a high standard of excellence and promise the quality dental treatments that you deserve. This comprehensive treatment planning includes both cosmetic and restorative treatments to optimize your dental health. If you are facing a dental emergency, then we make every effort to provide care as soon as possible.

Dr. Amirian suggested that I look into Invisalign. I do notice a difference. I have a higher level of confidence - when I smile, when I talk to people. I'm extremely happy with the treatment I've received.
Chris M. – Invisalign Patient
I grew up in Brooklyn ... I couldn't find a good dentist. Now that I've had my cosmetic work done, I'm happier, more confident - and my wife notices the difference.
John I.
I had dentures and they really didn't fit properly at all. I got to the dentists office and they suggested implants. The implants have worked beautifully! I can eat my barbecued spare-ribs - they've never been so juicy! I'm truly grateful to them - they're great.
Isa G.
As a child, I had a traumatic experience at the dentist. It impacted my ability to go as an adult. Advanced Dental Care, and all of the staff, took away my fear and my anxiety and replaced it with happiness and confidence. I laugh so much more!
Javita B.
I would watch these makeover shows on television, and I thought "I need a smile makeover!" because mine is a mess. I really didn't know where to go - and then I found my dentist. That's exactly what I got - a smile makeover. They gave me veneers and I've got a completely different smile. I feel so much better, so much more confident now to go out into the world and smile and just show people what a happy person I am inside.
Paul G.
From childhood, I always had my teeth crooked. I love smiling - but I would cover my mouth when I smile. They have this AMAZING approach that kept me informed and gave me a sense of relaxation. I felt like I was in the best care possible. I'm in love with my smile and I can't stop smiling!
Gertude R.

Call an Emergency Dentist in Brooklyn, NY

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